Homer United Methodist Church -
Caregiving is both difficult and rewarding. Here's some advice for caring for others - and yourself. Clink here to watch. 

Managing my time and tasks helps me feel calm and centered. How do you make plans? Take a look at my system here.

Bless someone with the gift of snail mail! Watch here

How many birdsongs can you identify? Let your senses connect you with the sacred, right in your front yard. Watch here

Any chore can be prayerful if you approach it with intention and contemplation. Here we're splitting firewood. What chores put you in a contemplative frame of mind?

Enjoy the sweet sight of spring blossoms. Click here to have your day brightened by some bountiful blooms!

Visio divina means "divine seeing" and is a way to pray with your eyes. Click here to watch a lovely vista and feel closer to the Creator. 

Even if you can't leave the house, you can still take a pilgrimage! Click here to watch the video and learn more.

It's essential to have important conversations before an urgent situation arises. Click here to learn about some difficult conversations you should have with your loved ones.

Immerse yourself in a hobby you love as a form of moving meditation. Click here to see the video.

Come on a greenhouse tour and sow some seeds with Pastor Lisa. Click here to watch the video.

If you're feeling especially exhausted right now, it might be because of the hard work of learning that you're doing. Click here to find out how to deal with being overwhelmed when you're learning new things. 

Enjoy a few minutes of peace with this lovely blessing on the beach. Click here to watch.

In tough times, we can show our solidarity with others by holding vigil. Click here to learn more.

Anything can be a spiritual practice if you do it with prayer and gratitude. Click here to explore mindful cooking. 

The psychological state of flow takes us out of our sense of linear time as we enjoy the creative power of God. Click here to learn more about flow.

Stay centered and grounded with scripture and gentle movement. Click here to learn a breath prayer. 

Did you ever wonder what spring looks like in Alaska? Click here to go on a prayer walk through breakup with Pastor Lisa.

It can be difficult to manage chronic illnesses in times of stress. Click here for some tips on the hard work of taking care of yourself, body and soul. 

Take some time today to watch the waves and breathe. Click here for a video that will take you to the beach.

How do you faithfully organize the rhythms of your day? Click here for Daily Rituals.

Sometimes you just have to take time to feel all the feelings! Click here to watch The Art of Lament.

How can you remain grateful even in tough times? Click here to learn some Gratitude Practices. 

Fasting normally refers to food, but these days there are other things we can also fast from to increase our spiritual wellness. Click hereto learn about Modern Fasting.

Deep breathing can help with times of anxiety. Click here to learn the technique of Four Square Breathing.

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